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US Ladies triumph in the 2015 Football World Cup

Great Britain and China fight back, Australia rise, USA firmly on top

July was the biggest month of the year to date in terms of points awarded in the Global Cup, the ranking of the world’s best sp

Olympic Gold.jpg

Which factors matter in sports?

Which factors have the greatest influence in a nation’s ability to achieve great sporting results?
The Danish mixed relay Orienteering team

Denmark sports performance: on the up or down?

Denmark have dropped ten places in the Global Cup 2014, the ranking of the world’s greatest sporting nations, relati...
The Norway ladies' relay celebrates gold at the Cross Country Skiing Worlds in Falun (Sweden)

Norway and Austria top Snow Sports countries in 2015

The beginning of spring has brought the Snow Sports

Global Cup Progress - 31 December 2014

Per Capita Cup Progress - 31 December 2014

Global Cup Progress - 31 December 2013

Per Capita Cup Progress - 31 December 2013