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The All Blacks' Haka

The All Blacks and their kin: the world’s most dominant sporting nations

Peerless. New Zealand’s All Blacks have beaten their own record of consecutive Rugby Union test match victorie...
In Rio, M. Phelps of the USA increased his Olympic medals tally to a sensational 28

USA win Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The run-up to the games of the XXXIst Olympiad in Rio have been fraught with political controversy within Brazil and sporting controversy in the Olym...

Brazil wins the 2016 women's Volleyball Grand Prix

Global Cup 2016: USA lead, France edge in second place

The 2016 sporting year’s spotlights are all on the Rio Olympic Games,

The logo of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games

Countdown to Rio 2016

The greatest sporting party of the year is less than a month away, and GSN is limbering up for it with, surprise surprise, a selection of tasty Olympic st...

Global Cup Progress - 30 September 2016

Per Capita Cup Progress - 30 September 2016

Global Cup Progress - 31 December 2015

Per Capita Cup Progress - 31 December 2015