2014 Sports Winners

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The USA and Slovenia are celebrating repeat wins respectively in the Global Cup, the ranking of the world’s greatest sporting nations, and the Per Capita Cup, the prize for the world’s sportiest.
But with 53144 points awarded in 2014 to 106 nations across 57 sports, in just over 1,000 events, GSN’s rankings yield a comprehensive, multifaceted picture of international performance in elite sporting competitions.
The top three Global Cup nations, the USA, Russia and Germany, topped the table in seven sports each. Americans excelled in Archery, Artistic Gymnastics, Basketball, BMX, Golf (their top sport), Racquetball and Water Polo, while the Russian bear combined strength and grace to win in Bandy, Bobsleigh, Climbing, Fencing, Figure Skating, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Free Wrestling.
Russia’s top sport in terms of points earned was Volleyball, where they finished third overall behind Brazil and the USA.
Germany was equally diverse in range, winning in Equestrian, Football (their top sport), Luge, Nordic Combined, Rowing, Ski Jumping and Track cycling.
China was close behind the top three in terms of wins too, claiming six sports: Badminton, Diving, Modern Pentathlon, Shooting (their top sport), Table Tennis and Weightlifting.
The other multiple sport-winning nations were (sports won in brackets):
Well done to the athletes from these 23 sport-winning nations. Over 20% of the nations scoring GSN points in 2014 have won at least one sport, demonstrating that there is diversity outside the main sporting superpowers.