Former World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki Back to Reclaim WTA’s Top Spot

Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark)

 Since January last year, Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki has struggled to get back to the top of the WTA Tour.

After losing the World No. 1 ranking she had held for almost 67 weeks, Caroline had problems with her ankles and knees which delayed her comeback. Her injuries are also the main reason for the sudden dip in her form. She then lost several matches on the tour, even some she was heavily favoured to win.

The Dane is currently placed at No. 10, a decent ranking but definitely below Caroline’s standards. Wozniacki’s 2013 campaign is also not looking great as she was defeated by many lower ranked players. Her worst loss this year came from Wang Qiang in the first round of the WTA BMW Malaysian Open held in Kuala Lumpur last February. Caroline won the first set, but lost the last two: 6-2, 6-7 (1-7), 1-6. 

Her defeat in Malaysia just shows how out of sync Caroline’s game is. However, she was able to make it to the final match of WTA BNP Paribas Open last March. She faced World No. 2 Maria Sharapova in the final and was able to put up a decent fight: 6-2, 6-2. Despite the defeat, going toe-to-toe against a high-ranking player was a good sign for Wozniacki’s form. She may still be not 100% fit due to her injuries, but at least her condition is improving.

In 2010, while she was still the undisputed “queen” of tennis, Caroline dated fellow Dane Gus Hansen. Hansen is a professional poker player who also happens to be one the best in his chosen field, just like Wozniacki. When they broke up and Caroline lost her No. 1 ranking, people jokingly blamed Gus for stealing her “fortune”.

Obviously this is not true, as neither tennis or  poker have anything to do with chance. Tennis and poker are both games of skill and concentration that require a lot of practice. The reason that probably made Caroline lose her No. 1 ranking could be that she stopped playing poker after the break-up.

Poker is believed to increase a person’s mental stability and is used as a therapeutic activity by a lot of athletes like Boston Celtics’ Paul Pierce. If Wozniacki just continued playing poker, even in online gaming websites like Partypoker, she might have retained her status as No. 1 Ladies Tennis player.

There are still a lot of tournaments left this year through which Caroline can improve her WTA ranking. Getting to the World No. 1 spot will still be a difficult task, but with her talent, it can be achieved. Being only 22 years old, Caroline Wozniacki is still on her way to reach her peak.