Ladies rocket USA to 1273 points lead

USA win the 2014 Volleyball Championships World

The USA have won the month of October in style, ahead of China, Russia, Italy and Spain. The Stars & Stripes, thanks chiefly, but by no means only, to victories in the Volleyball and Basketball Women’s World Championships, and in both Men’s and Women’s rankings in the Artistic Gymnastics Worlds,  have all but sealed another Global Cup title. They now have a lead of 1273 points - the most so far this year - over Russia in second place. Their seventh consecutive victory in the Global Cup, and the title of world’s greatest sporting nation, is virtually assured.

The four countries that finished behind the US in the October monthly ranking  have all made key gains in the sparring for positions behind the leaders.
Russia, after a four months-long chase, have ousted Germany from second place, not winning any of the month’s tournaments but finishing in the top four in all of them. China’s ladies (2nd in the Volleyball and 3rd in Basketball World Championships, and 1st in the Shooting World Cup, where Chinese men topped the ranking too) were dominant and helped the Dragon Throne athletes climb two places in the Global Cup table into 4th overall, though still trailing 779 points behind 3rd placed Germany.
Italy exchanged places with Sweden after good showings at the Shooting World Cup and the Women’s Volleyball worlds they hosted, in which they finished 4th.
Spain leapt up 5 positions, more than anyone else in the Global Cup top 20, after being runners up in the Basketball Women worlds.
101 countries have now scored points in the Global Cup this year: last year’s record of 127 is not so close, but there are still two months of top level sport to look  out for and enjoy!