Nations who are leading the sporting world

Guo Jingjing of China
The Global Cup ranking of nations at the end of February 2012 has seen Zambia lead the table, the first time for an African country.
But who are the other top nations in GSN’s many categories, each giving a different angle on international sporting performance?
The Per Capita ranking (points relative to inhabitants) is topped by Equatorial Guinea (only 6.760 heads to earn one GNS point), followed by Gabon (17747) and Zambia (39740). Obviously the African Cup of Nations contenders have a clear advantage.
What about gender? For the Men it’s Zambia 1st, Ivory Coast 2nd and Mali 3rd, again riding on the performances in the African Cup of Nations.
The outlook is different in the Women, where China and Canada share the lead, thanks to great results in Diving and various Winter Sports World Championships, ahead of Germany and the Netherlands.
The Winter Sports countries have battled it out in five World Championships in February: Bandy, in which Sweden won ahead of Russia and Kazakhstan, Luge, where Germany beat Russia and Italy, Bobsleigh, another one for Germany, ahead of Canada and the USA, Skeleton, won by the USA ahead of Germany and Great Britain, and finally Speed Skating All Round, won by the Netherlands ahead of Canada and Norway.
The overall Winter Sports title for the month of February goes to Germany, with a slim lead over Russia, the US, Sweden and Canada.
The continental battle is fiercely fought in Europe, where Russia is in the overall lead with 204 points, followed by Germany (191) and Sweden (104), with Great Britain 6th.
The outlook is interesting for the next sporting month!