September winners: well done Iran and Poland

Poland wins the 2014 Volleyball World Championships
September 2014 has been rich in elite sporting events, and GSN is uniquely able to name the winning country in all of them.
We do so by combining the results of the first 8 placements in all the tournaments’ events – no mean statistical and data-gathering feat, considering we’re talking about more than 200 events in the course of the month!
Here’s the September honour list with the top three countries in ranking order in the main tournaments:
  • Shooting World Championships: China, Russia, Germany
  • Sailing World Championships: France (by 2 points only…), Great Britain, the Netherlands
  • Road Cycling World Championships: Germany, Spain, Great Britain
  • Mountain Bike World Championships: France, Switzerland, Great Britain
  • Volleyball Men’s World Championships: Poland, Brazil, Germany
  • Basketball Men’s World Championships: USA, Serbia, France
  • Free Wrestling World Championships: Russia, Japan, Turkey
  • Greco-roman Wrestling World Championships: Iran, Russia, Turkey
  • Archery World Championships: USA, Russia, China
  • World Equestrian Games: Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands

Well done to these countries, and to all the 76 nations that scored GSN points in a truly spectacular sporting month which, among other things, also clocked the new Marathon world record, by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya, winning the Berlin Marathon in 2:02:57.