Spain leaps up 18 places thanks to Football World Cup win…and more!

Spain victorious in FIFA Football World Cup 2010
The month of July 2010 has witnessed volcanic upheavals in the GSN Global Cup ranking....apart from the top spot.
The USA have firmly retained their leadership with yet another successful month, scoring GSN points in Water Polo, Tennis, Softball, Open Water Swimming, Golf and Diving!
The breadth of sporting excellence displayed by the Americans is astonishing.
But “country of the month” award goes to Spain, for the leap from 24th place in June to 6th in the overall ranking in July, when they also reached 3rd spot in the Mens Global Cup.
This happened thanks to deserved victories in hugely important tournaments: the FIFA Mens Football World Cup, the single most important event in the GSN calendar, awarding 1.000 weighted points to the winner (see also; the Mens Tennis Singles title at Wimbledon (worth 40 points) and the Road Cycling super classic Tour de France (worth 30 points).
If any other country deserves a mention, it’s Germany: without any resounding victory in the month, the plucky Huns have sneaked past Canada into second place overall, 418 points behind the USA. It’s a fair gap, but one that may not be impossible to close, so watch out for the Germans in the sporting months to come. On GSN, of course!