USA is country of the month

Adam Taylor of the USA
The month of June 2010 has been relatively uneventful Global Cup-wise, despite being rich in major events like the Roland Garros (Tennis), the US Golf Open and others.
The only countries in the top 10 to change position were France, which exchanged 7th place with NorwayAustralia, which moved one place into 9th, and Sweden, the biggest mover of the top-ranked nations, from 12th to 10th place. Bad news out East, as South Korea dropped three positions to 12th, and China slipped even further into 13th.
One big shot was enough for Great Britain: thanks to victory in the US Masters (Mens), the British scooped up 50 points, the biggest single gain of the month, an continued a slow but steady rise which puts them in 11th place.
By contrast, it was a big team effort that brought 46 points to the USA, thanks to their athletes’ performances in the World Skateboarding Championships: US men dominated the Street contest (clinching 6 out of the first 7 places) and the Vert too. A remarkable result which shows how even a “minor” sport counts in the Global Cup.
The USA scored 126 points overall in the Global Cup in June, and they are by right the country of the month: for scoring more points, in more sports, both “big” and “small”, and for keeping a tight hold onto their first place in the ranking.