USA supreme, France, Japan, Norway, Netherlands ascendant: sport’s evolving elite

Not as fast as Usain Bolt, but the world’s sporting landscape is changing – pict.: Getty Images

Four-year periods are crucial in the world of sports.

The year's best - 27 countries for 77 sports

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Greatest Sporting Nation’s mission is to spotlight the world’s best sporting nations, irrespective of their size, power and wealth.

Norway clinches 2019 Per Capita Cup

Anders Mol and Christian Sorum of Norway came third in the men’s Beach Volleyball World Championships

Norway have made it a record five wins in the Per Capita Cup, claiming the mantle of world’s sportiest nation for the

USA the world’s best sporting nation in 2019

The USA won the 2019 women’s Football World Cup

The USA has won the Global Cup for the 12th consecutive time, topping GSN’s table of the world’s spo

Great Britain surges to fourth in Global Cup after November

Andy Murray powered Great Britain to the 2019 Davis Cup semi-final

In November, Great Britain gained two places in the Global Cup, the ranking of the world’s best sporting nations, ove

Jamaica, Estonia leapfrog rivals in world’s sportiest nation ranking

Jamaica’s 4x100m women’s relay team won gold at the 2019 Athletics World Championships – pict.: AFP

The month of October brought big changes to the top 10 positions in the Per Capita Cup, GSN’s unique ranking of the world’s sportiest nations, with past winners

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