Per Capita Cup 2018

Per Capita Cup Progress - 31 December 2018

Axel-Lund Svindal of Norway celebrating victory in the men’s Alpine Skiing Downhill at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics

Norway the world’s sportiest nation in 2018

For the second year in succession, Norway was crowned as the world’s sportiest nation, winning the 2018...

Norway, like its biathletes, is bang on target in the Per Capita Cup halfway through the year

Norway firmly on top of Per Capita Cup after June

At the end of June, and despite not scoring any GSN points in the month, Norway held on to its very comforta...
norway croatia.jpg

The world’s sportiest nation: Norway or Croatia?

In the monthly Global Cup ranking for September, Croatia was 25th, having scored 107 points.