The best nations at sport in April

W. Kipsang of Kenya wins the 2012 London Marathon
The Global Cup ranking of nations at the end of April 2012 has Canada leading the table yet again, the first time for any country other than the USA to lead in consecutive months.
But who are the other top nations in GSN’s many categories, each giving a different angle on international sporting performance?
The monthly ranking for April sees Kenya surprisingly in first place, after a string of sensational performances in the London and Boston Marathons. Kenyan athletes in London were first (Wilson Kipsang) and second in the Men, and first-second-third in the Women. In Boston, they were first-second-third in both Men and Women!
Behind Kenya in the monthly ranking we find the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia (mainly on the strength of their performances at the Track Cycling World Championships), then Russia and Germany. It is worth noting that China were only 16th in the month.
C. Hoy wins keirin in Melbourne 2012
The Per Capita ranking (points relative to inhabitants) is still dominated by European countries, mainly owing to winter sporting success: Austria, Norway, Finland and Switzerland in ranking order, ahead of Slovenia and Sweden. First of the non-Europeans is Canada in 7th place.
What about gender? For the Men it’s Canada 1st, ahead of the USA and Football African Cup of Nations’ winner Zambia.
In the Women it’s the USA with only nine points in hand over Canada. China and Germany follow close behind, then the astonishing Kenya of marathon runners.
The outlook is interesting for the next sporting month!