Per Capita Cup: November Year-to-Date Review


Norway continue to lead the Per Capita Cup despite not scoring any points during the month of November.

Slovenia and New Zealand, neither of whom scored any points during November, retain second and third places respectively.
It takes 3545 Norwegians to score one GSN point, and the Scandinavian country still enjoys a healthy lead over second-placed Slovenia (4596 Slovenians per point) and third-placed New Zealand (5301 New Zealanders per point).
Switzerland (who scored 51 points in November, 39 of them in Tennis), Jamaica, Croatia, Hungary, Sweden, Austria (up 1 place) and Estonia (down 1 place) round out the Top Ten.
Outside the Top Ten, notable movers included Belarus, up 2 places to 19th, France, up 2 to 23rd, Bulgaria (up 3) and Portugal (up 2).
The Per Capita Cup is the annual per capita ranking of the world’s best sporting nations based on results from 1250 events across 176 different tournaments and 83 different sports.