The Per Capita Cup to the world's sportiest country

Jamaica's sprinting ladies

The Per Capita Global Cup measures the performance of nations in per capita terms. How many inhabitants do you need to score 1 GSN weighted point?

For the Global Cup leaders, the USA, it takes 42.326 people, while for the Per Capita Cup leaders, Jamaica, only a mere 2.139! The Per Capita Cup is then a rough measure of how sport-oriented a nation is, judging by its international top-level performance as measured by GSN.

The current top 10 ranking yields some interesting insights:

- the majority of countries (8) is from Europe, with 3 from Scandinavia

- the African and Asian continents, both home to huge countries, are not represented in the top 20; the first Asian country is  Azerbaijan in 22nd position, the first African country is Kenya in 23rd position

- Winter Sports count for a large chunk of the countries' points, with the exceptions of extraordinary Jamaica, of course, and of New Zealand. They account for 87% of Austria's points, 75% of Norway's points and for 40% of Slovenia's, though only for 19% of Croatia's.