Fleet feet and fearlessness

Teyba Erkesso of Ethiopia
GSN’s 2010 Marathon Global Cup, featuring the five major international marathons (Boston, London, Berlin, New York, Chicago) got under way in April with the Boston Marathon and the London Marathon.
The standings show three nations far ahead of the others, with Ethiopia the uncontested leader, thanks to victories in the Boston Women Marathon (with Teyba Erkesso) and the London Men’s Marathon (Tsegaye Kebede) backed up by many other athletes in the first eight in both events.
Kenya (Robert Cheruiyot won the Boston Marathon) and Russia (Liliya Shobukhova won the London Women’s Marathon) are far behind Ethiopia but very close together.
It will be a tight race to the finish of the Chicago Marathon in October, with Morocco, the USA and Japan as possible outsiders.
The current top ten ranking in GSN’s 2010 Marathon Global Cup is below:
  1. Ethiopia 342 pts
  2. Kenya 186
  3. Russia 174
  4. Morocco 66
  5. USA 54
  6. Japan 30
  7. Italy 24
  8. China, Brazil 18
  9. Eritrea 12
  10. Great Britain, New Zealand 6