Italy dominates the Fencing World Championships

Andrea Cassarà of Italy
The Fencing World Championships, once again held in a Mediterranean town (after Antalya, Turkey, 2009) took place in Catania, Italy in October 2011.
Over 2.500 athletes from 130 federations crossed swords at the feet of Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano.
Just as in Antalya two years ago, Italy took the mantle in truly comprehensive fashion, with 21,6% of the total points, well ahead of Russia, China, South Korea and France.
The hosts took all three golds in the Men’s individual events (Foil, Epée, Sabre), as well as bronze in both individual and team Epée, and silver and bronze to add to the gold in Foil, making it a record-breaking treble and sweeping up 26,1% of the Men’s points. Behind them, surprising South Korea with bronze in both Epée and Sabre, and France.
Italy in 2009 ranked second in Women: this time they took the Women’s honours too, by a relatively narrow margin over Russia and China. Italian ladies dominated the individual and team Foil but the Russians won the double in Sabre and the Chinese took gold and silver in individual Epée, as well as the team title.