Stats and Facts – The Unbreakable Bond and the Reason you Love Sport

New York Jets offense on the field - CC BY 2.0 - credit: Marianne O'Leary

There are many measures of success in the sporting world. From the number of points scored in a game to trophies in the bag,

there’s always a way to separate the weak from the strong. Over the years, fans have often relied on the words of statisticians and, indeed, long before we started applying mathematical rigour to the process of defining ‘the best’, analysts were often seen as bastions of knowledge.

While broadcasters, number crunchers, and retired athletes are still useful sources, they’re not infallible. In fact, when it comes to picking the best sports team, athlete or nation, a lot of the time it’s about personal perspective. With that being the case, it’s little wonder the internet has stepped into the breach. Today, you can go online, find a wealth of data and make your own mind up about who’s the best.
Betting Sites Offer a Wealth of Statistics
Naturally, Greatest Sporting Nation’s database offers an ideal solution. However, there are plenty of additional sources out there. Perhaps the most comprehensive but overlooked are sports betting sites. For example, as illustrates, sports betting is a growing industry in the US and is already very much established elsewhere in the world. Online betting has become a multifaceted beast; alongside the odds, consumers can access live streams, results, statistics and more on the average betting site. Today, even a cursory glance at the reviews at, for example, shows that the top platforms contain a wealth of features.
For those looking to enhance their sporting knowledge and establish their own list of top performers, the go-to resource will be the stats hubs each site offers. Often depicted by a graph symbol, these hubs cover everything from a team’s results, head-to-head matchups, strike rates, and all manner of other percentages. Naturally, online sports bettors use this data to improve their chances of making a winning wager. However, because it’s free to make an account at any of these sites, it’s information anyone can use.
Facts Pack a Real Punch

In a similar vein to online sports betting sites collating and dispending statistics, there are third-party platforms that do the same. A great example of this comes courtesy of the mixed martial arts (MMA) world. Even though the UFC has its own database powered by Fight Metric, fight fans can also use sites like . In addition to fighter records, the site contains almost every stat, result, and notable incident in MMA history. From that, spectators can actually learn more about fighters and, in turn, feel more engaged when they’re watching a bout.
In fact, that’s the main reason we all love facts and figures. By delving into the matrix and actually learning more about teams and athletes, we naturally have more interest in the outcome of an event. Yes, it’s nice to watch as a casual spectator. However, how much more enjoyment do you get out of a game if you know the next goal would put X player into the history books, or a win for Y team would snap a 20-game losing streak? It’s these insights that make sports exciting. Yes, you can use stats to refine your betting picks and rank teams, individuals, and nations. But, when it comes down to it, information is power and it’s the thing that makes watching sport enjoyable.