USA carve up impressive lead in Global Cup in September

The four semi-finalists of the Women's US Open Tennis tournament, all from the USA!

The USA ended September where they began - at the top of the Global Cup standings.

They’ve now scored 5543 points - a huge lead of 2852 points over Russia who retain second place in the rankings.

France remain in third place – but are only 163 points behind Russia and will hope to catch them by the year-end and repeat their historic 2016 second place.
Great Britain overtook Canada to move into fourth place and Germany, Italy and Japan (who topped the September rankings after winning the Judo World Championships) all moved up a place as China fell three places to ninth. Norway retained tenth place.
Outside the Top Ten, the notable movers included the Netherlands, up 3 to 14th (after winning the Road Cycling World Championships), Cuba up 8 to 31st (after winning the Amateur Boxing World Championships), Uzbekistan up 18 to 40th (after coming second in the Amateur Boxing World Championships) and Mongolia up 24 to 43rd (after coming second in the Judo World Championships).
The USA’s dominant position is based on leading both the Men’s Global Cup and the Women’s Global Cup rankings.
Russia and France are currently in second and third place in the men’s rankings but it’s a different picture in the women’s rankings with China and Canada holding second and third positions.
In terms of the continental rankings, Russia, France and Great Britain currently fill the top three places in Europe; the USA, Canada and Brazil lead in the Americas; Japan, China and South Korea in Asia; Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa in Africa; and Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia in Oceania.
The Global Cup is the annual ranking of the world’s best sporting nations based on results from 176 different tournaments across 83 different sports.