Global Cup 2012

Global Cup Progress - 31 December 2012

R. McIlroy (Great Britain) drives to victory in the PGA Championships

Great Britain flies to third overall in August, the USA lead the Global Cup

Great Britain reached its highest-ever Global Cup position in August 2012: third overall in the Global Cup ranking behind the...

Michael Phelps of the USA

USA and New Zealand are the best nations in sports 2012

The USA and New Zealand have topped the 2012 standings in GSN’s two main rankings, the Global Cup...
Africa's Per Capita champions in Ball Team Sports: Ivory Coast

Great Britain, Ivory Coast, Georgia among the 2012 Sports Groups winners

One of the unique features of GSN’s sports statistics is the ability to rank nations in sports groups
One of the Caribbean surprises: Trinidad & Tobago's Keshorn Walcott

USA and Jamaica top in 2012 Athletics, Slovenia, Kazakhstan Per Capita continental champions

Thanks to the London Olympics, 2012 has been a very rich year for Athletics competitions.
M. Spence of GBR, 2012 World Pentathlon champion

The USA back on top of the Global Cup in June 2012

 The USA are back where they belong: at the top of the Global Cup ranking.

Russia are World Ice Hockey Champions in 2012

Canada leads (again) in May, the USA, Russia in pursuit

 Hands up for Canada, now leading the Global Cup overall for the third consecutive month!

Alex Harvey (Canada) World Sprint champion

Canada crowned Winter Sports kings

 In the aggregate Winter Sports GSN groups together fourteen different sports  that have to do with snow & ice .

M. Hirscher (Austria) lifts the overall Ski World Cup 2012

The best nations at sport in March 2012

The Global Cup ranking of nations at the end of March 2012 has Canada leading the table, the first time ever for the North Americans.
Guo Jingjing of China

Nations who are leading the sporting world

The Global Cup ranking of nations at the end of February 2012 has seen Zambia lead the table, the first time for an African country.
Mikael Kingsbury of Canada

Canada has edge over USA and China, Austria a close 4th

Not surprisingly, the ranking in GSN’s Global Cup at the end of March 2012 is heavily influenced by the results in Winter Sports.
Zambia wins African Cup of Nations

Zambia leads the world after African Cup of Nations win

The Global Cup ranking at the end of February 2012 is a concentrated mix of African Football and Winter Sports.
world flags.gif

Global Cup 2012: the winners sport by sport

The Global Cup 2012 has awarded points in 65 out of the 75 sports which GSN audits (counting Athletics as one single sport), with 25 different winning nations.

The Euro 2012 stars

Which is the most important sport on the planet?

Which are the most important sports on the planet?

Spain powers to Handball worlds victory

Spain leads the Global Cup after Handball World Championships triumph

Victory on home soil in the Men’s Handball World Championships

Sven Nys of Belgium

Belgium for January

The 2012 Global Cup kicks off with a lean month pointswise.
January 2011 distributed 3471 points, 4,1% of the yearly total (was 3,1%...
Rocky Carson (USA), world Racquetball champion 2012

Great Britain holds on to third place in September, the USA dominate the Global Cup

 Three quarters of the sporting year have glided by on a wave of Olympic enthusiasm, and it’s nearly showdown time for GSN’s Global Cup ranking.

2012 World championships winner Canada

Global Cup 2012: Canada still leads, superpowers in pursuit

April was a busy sporting month for the Global Cup 2012, with most of the world’s best nations at sport earning valuable GSN points.
Matthias De Zordo of Germany

Aiming for the top three: Germany in the 2012 Global Cup

Germany is surely one of the giants in world sports but it slipped 3 positions in the 2011 Global Cup, finishing 6th, the lowest rank...
India vs Bangla Desh, 2011 Cricket World Cup

Teething tigers and solid bets

One of the best features of Greatest Sporting Nation’s Global Cup is that it’s not just about top nations and major sports.
132 nations out of a...