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NBA game - Pic: Keith Johnston from Pixabay

Paris 2024 Olympics: Top NBA Players Expected to Have Big Impact

The basketball Olympics is one of the most anticipated sports tournaments every four years. The 2024 Olympics is scheduled to be held in the summer of 2024 in Paris, France....
The USA won the women's Football Gold Cup - Pic by leezathomas099 for Pixabay

USA extends Global Cup lead with Athletics Worlds win

July and August have been two extremely busy sporting months (with 14,416 GSN points awarded between them, 41.1% of the year’s total so far), and the

Picture by Majk7 from Pixabay

Kenya top nation in April, Norway still leads Global Cup

Kenya was the best sporting nation in the month of April, a relatively lean month results-wise, with over 70% of...

Global Cup Progress - 30 September 2022

Per Capita Cup Progress - 30 September 2022

Global Cup Progress - 31 December 2021

Per Capita Cup Progress - 31 December 2021