Per Capita Cup 2009

Small nations, big winners


We picked at least one athlete for each of the top 5 countries in the 2009 Per Capita Cup, to exemplify the stuff these mighty midgets are made of.

The Per Capita Cup to the world's sportiest country

Jamaica's sprinting ladies

The Per Capita Global Cup measures the performance of nations in per capita terms. How many inhabitants do you need to score 1 GSN weighted point?

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Marco Buechel 610x.jpg

Marco Buechel grabs points-per-population lead for Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein, a tiny financial and fiscal paradise with only 35300 inhabitants right in the middle of Europe, is the first leader in the 2009 points-per-population stakes, thanks to Marco Buechel scoring GSN points both in the downhill and the super G at the World Alpine Skiing Championships in France. It’s a first for the German-speaking principality, which did not score GSN points in 2008.

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