Global Cup April results

Carlo Janka of Switzerland
April brought the end of all the main Winter Sports Cup competitions and the leading Winter Sports countries made the most of it.
Austria surged to third place in the Global Cup, behind the USA and Canada, its best position in recent months, ahead of Germany, Switzerland and Per Capita Cup leaders Norway. Austria’s men won the Snowboarding World Cup overall, as well as the Combined and Slalom titles in the Alpine Skiing World Cup. Another mighty midget, Switzerland, climbed up the table through men wins in the Freestyle Skiing World Cup, and in the Overall and Downhill Alpine Skiing World Cup.
On the negative side, the performances of Russia (only 9th in the overall Global Cup standings after a very disappointing Winter Olympics), China (11th) and Great Britain (12th).
Great Britain is better placed than a year ago (15th) and never was a Winter Sports power, but it didn’t do as well as expected in the recent Track Cycling World Championships and the Snooker World Championships. Still, with 8 months of GSN competitions to go, there’s a lot of room for improvement!