March Global Cup: USA on top, Austria close behind

Alpine Skiing Overall World Cup winner Lindsay Vonn single-handedly scooped up a record number of GSN points, by winning the Downhill and Super G World Cup trophies, but US athletes, of both sexes, were dominant also at the Free Style Skiing World Championships, in the Australian Tennis Open, and scored useful points in the Track Cycling and Speed Skating World Championships.
Austria’s performance was solely based on Winter Sports, and Alpine Skiing in particular, where they led the field in the World Championships, scoring 308 points.
The two leaders are followed by France, Switzerland and Germany (February’s overall leaders), confirming the strong performance of European countries.
Other results to note are
  • China is slowly climbing up the table, from 22nd in February to 14th in March
  • Australia took a kangaroo leap up to 12th place, thanks to wins in the Women Rugby Sevens World Cup, Women Free Style Skiing (Aerials) World Championships, and a brilliant performance across-the-board in the Track Cycling World Championships
  • Great Britain too is striding up the chart, from 26th in February to 16th in March
  • Despite leading the Men Global Cup March ranking (ahead of France and Switzerland) Norway, third placed overall in February, have dropped to 7th place overall in March.