Rugby Union Numbers

England vs New Zealand
Rugby Union’s most historic national team? England no doubt, representing the place where Rugby Union was born and first codified, the team with the highest number of outright wins (25) in the 5-6 Nations tournament.
The most spectacular and successful national team in rugby? New Zealand, current IRB Ranking number 1, current Tri-nations champions and winners of the last 4 editions of the tournament, and the team with the best record in international test Rugby.
How do they fare head-to-head?
In 29 official games since December 2nd, 1905 (at Crystal Palace, London), the count is:
- England 6 wins (4 homes, 2 away)
- New Zealand 22 wins (8 home, 14 away)
-  1 draw
- total points for England: 421 (average of 14,5 per game)
- total points for New Zealand: 652 (average of 22,4 per game)
- last 5 games: England 1 win to New Zealand’s 4.