Global Cup 2017: October Year-to-Date Review

Venus Williams of the USA, runner-up in the WTA Finals

The USA continue to lead the Global Cup standings after winning the month of October. They’ve now scored 6172 points, and have a huge 3160-point margin over Russia who retain second place in the table.

France remain in third place – but are now only 86 points behind Russia (they trailed by 163 points at the end of September). This one’s going all the way to December 31st!
Great Britain remain in fourth place but are now under threat from Italy who moved up two places to fifth, after winning the Rowing World Championships, and coming second in the Shooting World Cup Finals and fifth in the Archery World Championships in October.
Germany retain sixth place but are now just 5 points ahead of China (up two places to seventh) - China won the Shooting World Cup Finals and came joint first in the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in October.
Canada fell three places to eighth and Japan fell one place to ninth, while South Korea moved up one place to tenth, after winning the Archery World Championships.
Outside the Top Ten, notable movers included New Zealand up 3 to 21st (after coming third in the Rowing World Championships), Croatia up 5 to 31st, Denmark up 9 to 33rd, India up 5 to 44th, Romania up 12 to 46th, Ireland up 14 to 49th, Lithuania up 19 to 53rd, Greece up 9 to 55th and Argentina up 4 to 61st.
The USA’s dominant position is underscored by, and is the result of, their leadership in both the Men’s Global Cup and the Women’s Global Cup rankings.
France overtook Russia in the men’s rankings during October and is now in second place.  However, it’s a different picture in the women’s rankings, with China and Canada holding second and third positions.
In terms of the continental rankings, Russia, France and Great Britain currently fill the top three places in Europe. The USA, Canada and Brazil lead in the Americas; China overtook Japan in Asia with South Korea now in third; Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa lead in Africa; and Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia lead in Oceania.
The Global Cup is the annual ranking of the world’s best sporting nations based on results from 1250 events across 176 different tournaments and 83 different sports.