October Athlete of the Month: Murilo Endres of Brazil

Murilo Endres of Brazil
It may be the obvious choice but it’s a hard one not to make. The Men Volleyball World Championships have been the sporting highlight of the month of October, and the richest in terms of Global Cup points up for grabs.
And Murilo Endres of Brazil was voted the tournament’s MVP, as well as clinching the world title with the awesome Brazilian team.
Born on May 3rd 1981, he’s no youngster nor, at 195 cm, is he particularly tall for a volleyball forward.
But his play has been consistent, clean and clinical, and the World Championship victory in Italy, his second after the title won in 2006 in Japan, adds to a spectacular list of international achievements, among which are Olympic silver in Beijing 2008 and five World League victories since 2002.
His triumphs are of course also Brazil’s triumphs, but Murilo also has several national titles in Brazil and Italy, where he played for four years, to prove he’s a real winner.